How To Pick The Best Storage Facility Unit Size For Your Needs

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How To Pick The Best Storage Facility Unit Size For Your Needs

20 December 2022
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Are you stuck trying to choose the right storage unit size? A typical storage facility will have units of different sizes and features.

Factors like the intended use and availability matter when choosing a suitable unit size. You also need to consider the amount of stuff you'd like to store. So, as you shop for a storage unit, use the following tips to narrow down your selection. 

Make a Detailed Inventory of Your Belongings

Only visit a storage facility when you have a general idea of what you'd like to store there. If you have none, walk through your property and make a list of these items. 

As you create the inventory, take note of the number of moving boxes you intend to store. Also, determine the number of furniture pieces that will go to the unit. Remember to measure the large items before taking them to the storage area.

Find out More About the Unit's Primary Function

Storage facility owners have storage units suited for different functions. Evaluating the use of each unit can help you choose the appropriate size.

Some functions of storage units include storing vehicles or items for a temporary move. Others include storing a growing business inventory, storing items indefinitely, and accommodating mobile items.

If you want to store business inventory, choose a unit that offers adequate room for growth. A unit with enough space will also suit items decluttered from home.

Conceptualize the Storage Unit Size

Use masking or painter's tape to conceptualize the storage space from your home. Start by marking off a space the rough size of a standard unit in an open area. You can then place empty boxes to see how the items fill the space.

You can choose the items to store with a rough image of the storage unit size. Consider getting a bigger or smaller space depending on what the model suggests.  

Opt for One Size Bigger if You Have Doubts

It's tempting to settle on a smaller storage facility unit to save money. However, if your belongings fail to fit in, the cost-savings aren't worthwhile. 

You may stack more boxes than required to save on space and cash. Doing so could pose safety risks to your belongings and make it hard to unpack.

So, if you have doubts about the storage unit size, go for one size bigger than your estimates. The extra space in the unit can allow for easy movement when loading the items. It also makes it easier to retrieve items when needed without causing damage to others.

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