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Where and How to Store Your Jewelry

How you store your jewelry depends on many different factors. My name is Elizabeth, and I'd like to teach you how to properly store your jewelry. It doesn't matter if your pieces are antique, costume or fine jewelry. There is a perfect way for that jewelry to be kept. I'll talk about storing jewelry in a way you can easily access it versus storing it as an asset. I'll also help you determine which of your jewelry needs to be kept at a specific temperature, which can withstand exposure to humidity and which you should probably be keeping in an iron box. You can store your jewelry in a way that will make your life easy in days to come. Find out how.


Important Considerations When Shipping a Perishable Food Product

4 January 2024
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Shipping perishable food products requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure their freshness and quality upon arrival. Whether you are a small business owner or a large food distributor, it is crucial to consider several factors when shipping perishable items. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of working with a climate-controlled storage facility and highlight other key considerations to keep your products intact and safe during transit. Read More …