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Where and How to Store Your Jewelry

How you store your jewelry depends on many different factors. My name is Elizabeth, and I'd like to teach you how to properly store your jewelry. It doesn't matter if your pieces are antique, costume or fine jewelry. There is a perfect way for that jewelry to be kept. I'll talk about storing jewelry in a way you can easily access it versus storing it as an asset. I'll also help you determine which of your jewelry needs to be kept at a specific temperature, which can withstand exposure to humidity and which you should probably be keeping in an iron box. You can store your jewelry in a way that will make your life easy in days to come. Find out how.


4 Reasons Property Owners Should Invest In Enclosed Trailers

29 June 2023
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Property ownership offers a rewarding investment opportunity, but it is a benefit that requires work and effort. However, one purchase that can make maintaining your investment easier is an enclosed trailer. Sure, enclosed trailers are often used for large-scale commercial purposes, but these structures can be just as useful for someone like you; learn how. 1. Easier Transport Owning an enclosed trailer means you can easily transport items to and from the unit. Read More …

Storage Units Are For More Than Excess Clutter

14 March 2023
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Minimizing clutter is one of the leading reasons people secure storage units, but this is not the only reason. A storage unit can prove useful for several different reasons. If clutter is not a big issue in your home, so you assume that a storage unit is unnecessary, learn about some of the storage unit solutions that might change your perspective. Traveling Worker Do you frequently travel for work, such as a traveling healthcare provider? Read More …