Keep Your Storage Space Organized With These Tips

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Keep Your Storage Space Organized With These Tips

4 November 2016
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Does it seem like you're running out of space inside your self-storage unit? It may be time to do some reorganization. These tips can help you organize more efficiently in the small space of a storage unit.

Use Clear Plastic Bins

The benefit of using a clear plastic bin rather than a cardboard box is that the plastic bin will be easy to stack. A cardboard box can potentially buckle from the weight of the box above it, which means that the contents inside can be damaged. Cardboard will also absorb moisture, so it runs the risk of collecting mildew or mold if you have an outdoor storage unit.

The plastic also allows you to see what is inside it without having to pull the entire bin out from a large stack. Get bins that come in different tints of plastic to help organize the unit as well. For example, use one color for kitchen items and another color for a bedroom. It will help you easily find things later on when you need them.

Use Adjustable Metal Shelving on Wheels

One of the challenges of going back into your storage space is trying to get something out when you finally need it. While you can stack items in bins, needing to move each bin can be a hassle when what you want is buried at the bottom.

If it's within your budget, consider buying some metal shelves on wheels that have adjustable wrack heights. This will let you optimize the shelves for the exact height of your plastic bins. When you want to get access to something, you can move entire shelves out of the unit to get to the shelf that you want access to. This can even allow you to store things more efficiently by putting one shelf in front of the other, since the wheels make it so easy to move entire shelves at a time.

Store Items Inside Other Items

Do you have a dresser, cabinet, refrigerator, or other item in storage with a lot of empty space in it? Don't forget that you can use that space to store other items. While these items are big, they do not need to remain empty while they are in storage. You can utilize that space to store some of your larger items that would otherwise have difficulty fitting into a box.

By using these tips, you'll have no problem keeping your self-storage unit organized an accessible.