3 Moving Away Gift Ideas For The Loved One Who Is Relocating

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3 Moving Away Gift Ideas For The Loved One Who Is Relocating

3 February 2017
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Wondering what to give a loved one who is relocating to a new area as a moving away gift? One of the following ideas may be just the solution you've been looking for:

A Self-Storage Unit Rental

Using a storage unit while moving can help to make things less stressful and more convenient for your loved one. Having a storage unit near the home they're moving out of will allow them to store their larger belongings so it isn't in the way while organizing and packing the smaller stuff at home. Access to a storage unit near the new home will give them an opportunity to store things they don't quite have a place for yet as they get settled into their new surroundings. Consider giving them gift certificates good for a month's worth of storage at facilities near both the old and new home. If you will only be renting them one storage unit, inquire about their specific plans for the move to determine whether renting them a unit near the old or new place would be the most helpful.

Homemade Collage Artwork

Give your loved one something to hang on one of their new walls that will help remind them of all the good times they had while living in their old home by creating a piece of collage artwork for them. Start by looking through old photos and choosing a few that features your loved one spending time in their old neighborhood. Photos of barbecue events, holiday parties, and outdoor family activities can be used to create a memorable story that your loved one is sure to appreciate in the years to come. You can also collect post cards, newspaper clippings, and other materials that are specific to the old neighborhood to use in the artwork.

After you've gathered all your materials, choose a picture frame that you'll use to house your artwork in – it can be any dimension you like. Then, glue your gathered materials together end to end until you create a piece of artwork that fits snugly inside your chosen frame. After the art dries, frame it and wrap it with a ribbon and bow.

A Return Vacation for the Future

Planning a return vacation for the future will give your loved one something to look forward to and ensure that they'll be able to visit their friends and family from the old neighborhood sooner rather than later. Make sure they'll have a free place to stay, a vehicle they'll be able to borrow, and round trip place tickets to make the trip with. Connect with other family members and friends who are willing to help out and donate a room or ride.

These are just a few of the interesting ideas you can use to create a special gift for your loved one before they move that they're sure to appreciate and make good use of. For more information, contact companies like East "O" Street Self Storage LLC.