Here's "The Book" On Storing Books

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Here's "The Book" On Storing Books

27 February 2017
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Books are full of information, but one thing you won't find in most of them is storage instructions. If you're about to put your books into a storage unit, then it's important that you store them properly. Otherwise, you might open the unit to find bent, musty, or stained books. Here are some basic instructions to follow whenever you store books.

Stack them flat.

Do not store the books on their spines, tops, or bottoms. Stack them inside boxes so that they are lying flat. Otherwise, pressure on the spine may cause it to bend or cause the pages to warp over time.

Remove items from between the pages.

A bookmark may help you keep your spot in the short-term, but leaving it between your book's pages for a longer period of time is a bad idea. It may leave an imprint on the pages or even become stuck to them. So, leaf through your book and remove all items before before you put them into boxes.

Fill boxes all of the way.

If you only fill a box part of the way, there's more space for air to get into the box. If the air is at all moist, this will expose your books to more moisture. If you don't have enough books to fully fill a box, then put some sheets or towels in the top of the box to fill the space.

Don't spray them with anything.

You might be tempted to spray body spray or air freshener on the books to keep them smelling fresh. Unfortunately, this tends to make matters worse since the moisture can perpetuate molding. If you are worried about scents, put an open box of baking soda in the box with the books. The baking soda will absorb extra moisture and odors.

Choose small boxes.

You can place three or four books on top of another book without any huge issue. However, if you put too many more on there, you'll risk bending the spine or compressing the pages. So choose smaller boxes and use more of them rather than packing all of your books into a big box.

In addition to following the tips above, make sure you store your books in a climate-controlled storage unit like All American Mini Storage. Also make sure you use sturdy boxes so that they don't break, spilling your books all over. With any luck, they'll be in great shape when you pull them out again.