How to Find the Perfect Storage Unit for Your Unused Possessions

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How to Find the Perfect Storage Unit for Your Unused Possessions

18 April 2019
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If you have a lot of items in your house that are just taking up space, you may have thought about getting a storage unit. These units are great at giving you more space and they're very secure. To ensure this unit works out great long-term, remember these selection tips. 

Opt for Full-Service 

If you have a lot of possessions to put in this storage unit, it's worth considering a full-service storage company. These companies will actually come out to your home with moving equipment and moving trucks, saving you a lot of time and energy.

They'll move whatever items you need into a storage unit. They can even use a special wrap on items that may be fragile or valuable, such as paintings and electronics. They can complete this transition quickly compared to the time it would take you to tackle this project alone. 

Prioritize Video Monitoring 

When you put your possessions in a storage unit, you want to know that they're safe. You can feel better about this aspect when you rent a storage unit that's monitored by video surveillance cameras on a regular basis. 

If any suspicious activity occurs around your unit or your unit is broken into, the security cameras will capture everything. You'll thus have a much easier time tracking down the people guilty of this act. The very presence of these cameras will thwart vandalism and break-ins, so you can feel confident no matter how long you're away from this storage unit.

Get the Right Size 

Storage units today come in so many different sizes. You need to think carefully about this aspect so that all of your possessions fit inside perfectly. It's recommended to list out everything that's going into this storage unit.

Then, you can show this list to the storage company you plan on renting from. Based on their years of experience in this industry and previous clients, they should be able to recommend a particular unit size. It won't be too small to where your possessions don't fit, but not too big to where you're spending more money on unused space. They'll find the right balance.

Instead of letting unused possessions take up space in your precious home, simply move them into a storage unit. Choosing one doesn't have to be that difficult either. You'll just need to think about your storage needs, budget, and overall feature preferences. Then, after careful research, the choice will become clear.