Make Your Move Easier With Three Easy Steps

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Make Your Move Easier With Three Easy Steps

18 September 2020
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Moving is a painful process no matter how big your household is. Packing up all your belongings and setting sail for somewhere new is overwhelming and requires a lot of heavy labor. If you have an upcoming move, here are three easy steps you can take to make it easier on everyone involved: 

Get Packing Supplies

You might underestimate how important it is to have the right packing supplies for your move. Moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and tape are pretty standard for most moves. You should pay attention to the size of your items and get boxes that make this transition easier. You do not want to skip this process and have an item damaged because it was prepared incorrectly.

Take time to wrap corners and put appropriately sized items together to avoid damage. Buying lots of plastic cling wrap can allow you to wrap bigger items you wouldn't normally be able to box or cover. Moving mattresses can be hard because they get dirty and damaged. Wrapping them with the cling wrap prevents this. Wrapping frames after they are protected with bubble wrap allows the bubbles to stay in place more securely. For help finding packing supplies, reach out to a local supplier.

Rent a Storage Unit or Truck

Reserving a storage unit or truck is critical for moving day. Having this transportation and storage lined up should be at the top of your prep list. Look at several different facilities to compare pricing and review terms for the rental. If you need storage for several months, make sure to read your contract. Decide whether you want a self-storage facility or a storage unit like a shipping container that is sent to the house for loading and unloading. Setting a budget and sticking to it can eliminate a lot of stress. Make sure to read lots of reviews to be sure to find a reputable facility or moving truck. 

Ask for Help

Asking for help when you are preparing for an upcoming move is always a good idea. Finding family or friends to help you box things up and load them can save your back and your wallet. If you need to hire professional movers, you need to get things lined up so you are on the schedule. Look for movers or friends who can help you move the big items. Moving things with multiple people can help you avoid damage to your current property and belongings. 

Keep these three things in mind, and start tackling your moving to-do list. Being prepared will make the process much easier and allow you time to do it properly.