Is Climate-Controlled Storage Necessary?

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Is Climate-Controlled Storage Necessary?

13 April 2021
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Are you going to be renting a storage unit to move some of the items in your home that are used less frequently? If so, the questions will likely come up about if you need climate-controlled storage or not. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if it is necessary.

What Items Are You Storing? 

The need for climate-controlled storage largely depends on what you will be putting into the unit. When you do not use climate-controlled storage, know that the items inside the unit are going to be subjected to the extremely hot and cold temperatures in your area all year round. This can affect some items more than others. 

For example, electronic devices can become damaged from having condensation from humidity get inside the device and touch the metal circuit boards. Photographs can have the paper dry out over time when exposed to hot temperatures. Furniture made out of wood furniture becomes damaged by shrinking and expanding during the change in temperatures, which will cause the wood to crack. Leather furniture and clothing can crack as well for similar reasons. 

How Long Are You Storing The Items?

Of course, your need for climate control storage will also be based on how long you are storing the items. If you are only temporarily storing things because you will be between homes while moving, climate controls may not be necessary. If you are placing items in storage for a few months while performing a home renovation, you likely do not need the additional climate controls as well. However, anybody that is going to be keeping items in storage for years with several changes in seasons should consider climate-controlled storage.

What Is Your Regional Temperature Like?

Another thing to consider is what the local temperature is like where you live. If you are located in a region where the climate is temperate all year round, then the need for climate-controlled storage will decrease. Your belongings will likely stay around the same temperature and be safe. People that live in regions where there are extremely high and low temperatures during the year may want to consider climate-controlled storage because the temperature range is so different. 

Want the peace of mind of having climate-controlled storage? Reach out to a storage facility in your area to learn about what your options are. They can provide further information and details regarding climate-controlled storage options.