Make The Most Of Vertical Room In A Storage Unit

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Make The Most Of Vertical Room In A Storage Unit

26 July 2021
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Adding vertical solutions to a storage unit can maximize the amount of usable space and ensure that your home is welcoming and easy to navigate. Instead of being concerned that the storage unit is too small when choosing a compact storage unit, you can find ways to use the space better.

The following tips can help you maximize the functionality of your storage unit and avoid an issue where it feels too small for your belongings.

Install Ceiling Hooks

An easy way to improve the functionality of a storage unit is to have ceiling hooks installed. You may be surprised to find that the ceiling could have hooks installed that help maximize how much space your items take up.

Bicycles and other sporting equipment can be kept off the ground and hooked to the ceiling to keep them out of the way when not in use. Checking the size of ceiling hooks and the weight capacity they hold can ensure that you're able to maximize the space in the storage unit and avoid it feeling too cramped.

Carefully Stack Any Boxes

Making the most of the storage unit could be as simple as stacking boxes a lot higher than you already do. To ensure that everything is stacked neatly and avoid damage, you need to choose sturdy boxes to support the weight of any items you pack.

Checking the weight of different boxes and stacking them accordingly will ensure that your storage unit is used to the best of its ability and that the size isn't going to limit how many boxes you can fit neatly inside.

Check the Shelving You Want

An easy way to add more storage to your unit without getting a larger size is to simply add more shelves. In many cases, shelving can be installed with the approval of the manager and allow you to reduce how much floor space is taken up in your unit.

Shelving can be used for anything from small boxes to clothing that's been packed in vacuum-sealed bags to get items off the floor. Taking measurements and determining what you want in storage will ensure that the unit is used as effectively as possible.

Maximizing space in your storage unit can be much easier when you have a goal in mind. With vertical space being prioritized, you can avoid a situation where the storage unit is too small or you feel frustrated with how the layout is used. Look into self-storage facilities near you to find one that will fit your items.