A Guide To Organizing Your Closets

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A Guide To Organizing Your Closets

16 November 2021
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A cluttered living space is a reflection of your mind. A disorganized chaotic living environment makes it hard to think clearly and focus. According to a survey by the National Association for Professional Organizers (NAPO), more than a third of respondents said that their clutter and disorganization is so pervasive and messy that they don't even know where to start to fix it. Closets are areas of mess and stress for many people. You can tidy up this area step by step with the right closet organization advice. Use the tips below to start organizing your messy closet. 

Look at your closet and pinpoint the biggest source of mess

If you're like most people, there are specific items that are creating the most clutter in your closet. Maybe you have lots of shoes with no place to put them or clothing that isn't divided into categories with any rhyme or reason. Commit to tidying up and figuring out what will reduce stress and bring joy. 

Chart out what your new closet will look like and how you can achieve it

Once you see your sources of mess, take the time to figure out how you'd like to organize. Designate sections for your clothing and shoes, figure out specific areas for various loose items, and make the best use of both vertical and horizontal space. Once you map out where everything is supposed to go, you can look into shelves, racks, drawers, and other organizational tools that'll help you out. 

Invest in some high-quality clothes hangers that won't bend or break. Figure out how you want to organize each type of clothing, and whether you have clothing items that you need to get rid of. Set up a system for labeling and color-coding areas of your closet, and make sure that you can sustain it over the years. Choose a closet organization process that works for your needs and personality. After you've developed some organization, add life to your closet with decoration to incorporate some finishing touches. Recognize when your closet is starting to get cluttered again and don't hesitate to stop by your local thrift store to donate clothes and belongings that you no longer need. 

Once you've cleaned one closet, you can start applying the same principles and processes for every other closet in your home. Start here and begin organizing your closet to the best of your ability. For more information about closet organization, contact a storage service.