How To Prepare Your Car For Long-Term Storage

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How To Prepare Your Car For Long-Term Storage

21 September 2022
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When you shop around for a car storage service, you might be able to find one that is very affordable. However, you will also want to choose a car storage service that will take good care of your car and that is run by reputable professionals. 

Don't Choose the Cheapest Option 

The cheapest way to store your car is to use an outdoor storage service. This is essentially a parking lot that will provide your car with more security. However, your car will not be protected from the weather. Rain and snow can cover your car and cause it to rust. Hail can also cover your car with dents.

A better option is to choose a covered car storage unit. Your car can be kept safe from damage. When choosing this type of unit, make sure to select one that is large enough so that the car will fit. If you are concerned about whether the storage unit will be able to fit your car, make sure to take a trip so you can double-check. 

Top Off Your Fluids

The fluids in your car might be a concern depending on how long you will be storing your car in the storage unit. This is because fluids can eventually degrade and might also be ruined by contaminants. You may need to use special additives or regularly replace your oil. You will also want to top off the gasoline in the gas tank because a tank that does not have enough gasoline will be likely to rust.

Remove the Battery

Remove the battery from the car while it is in storage. Even though the car will not be running, the battery will eventually lose its charge and you might even need to replace the battery. However, when you remove the battery, it will cancel some of the settings in your car.

Clean Out the Car

The car should be cleaned out and thoroughly inspected before you place it in storage. If you do not remove food or other debris, this might cause a pest infestation. Also, you will want to treat any pest problems you discover in the car before you place it in storage.

Place the Car in Neutral

Make sure that the parking brake is not engaged and leave the car in neutral instead. To prevent the car from rolling, use wheel chocks. Placing the car in park will cause the brake pads and rotors to fuse.

Contact a local car storage service to learn more.