Where and How to Store Your Jewelry

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Where and How to Store Your Jewelry

How you store your jewelry depends on many different factors. My name is Elizabeth, and I'd like to teach you how to properly store your jewelry. It doesn't matter if your pieces are antique, costume or fine jewelry. There is a perfect way for that jewelry to be kept. I'll talk about storing jewelry in a way you can easily access it versus storing it as an asset. I'll also help you determine which of your jewelry needs to be kept at a specific temperature, which can withstand exposure to humidity and which you should probably be keeping in an iron box. You can store your jewelry in a way that will make your life easy in days to come. Find out how.


Preparing Your Desktop Computer For Long-Term Storage

28 November 2016
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Whether you are traveling, have upgraded to a new system, or are between homes, you can find yourself needing to store your desktop computer for a long period of time. A self-storage facility is a good place for it. However, you need to take a few precautions if you want to ensure the machine still works when you pick it up later. Here are two things you need to do to prepare your desktop computer for long-term storage. Read More …

3 Tips To Keeping Clothes Stored In Self Storage Unit Smelling Fresh

23 November 2016
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While approximately 13% of self storage unit renters keep their units for less than 3 months, nearly 30% of self storage unit renters keep their units for more than two years. The latter use their self storage unit specifically for long-term storage purposes, like keeping items that are not commonly used. If you fall into this group, you should be careful when storing your stuff in storage, as things can get musty or smelly quickly if you are not careful, especially your clothes. Read More …

Packing And Labeling Tips For Clothing Items And Accessories

18 November 2016
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If you are getting ready to move your clothing boutique to a new location across town, the following packing and labeling tips will assist with keeping garments and accessories organized so that they remain damage-free while they are being transported to their final destination. Clear Clothing Bags That Are Secured To Rolling Racks Transfer items from each rack in your boutique onto another rack that has wheels secured to its base. Read More …

Try To Avoid These Errors When You Put Items Into Storage

16 November 2016
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Access to a storage unit can free up storage space inside your home and help to make your life more organized. However, you'll only get the most out of using the unit if you avoid making a series of common mistakes. In many cases, an investment of a little extra time and effort when you load the storage unit will make each subsequent visit pleasant instead of arduous. Here are some errors that you should try to avoid making. Read More …

Keep Your Storage Space Organized With These Tips

4 November 2016
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Does it seem like you're running out of space inside your self-storage unit? It may be time to do some reorganization. These tips can help you organize more efficiently in the small space of a storage unit. Use Clear Plastic Bins The benefit of using a clear plastic bin rather than a cardboard box is that the plastic bin will be easy to stack. A cardboard box can potentially buckle from the weight of the box above it, which means that the contents inside can be damaged. Read More …