Little League Coaching: Advantages of Using Storage Units During the Season

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Little League Coaching: Advantages of Using Storage Units During the Season

16 March 2017
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Coaching a Little League team is a great way to bond with your child, create memories, and spread your love for baseball. As a Little League coach, you have a lot of planning, equipment management, and other tasks to take care of. Before you start turning your home or vehicle into Little League headquarters, you may want to consider renting a storage unit.

Self storage units have easy access and a variety of sizes that can cater to your needs during the baseball season. Learning about these benefits can help you set up for an easy and smooth season of coaching the future baseball players of America.

Easy Access

As a Little League coach, you will often get access to league facilities and extra equipment. There are many times where a league manager or some other type of official is the only one who can unlock storage sheds and other equipment locations. Waiting for this or dealing with miscommunication can lead to all types of problems including delays in practice and training.

If you have your own equipment or able to handle the league's equipment yourself, then it will be a lot easier to store in your own storage unit. You can easily access the unit and retrieve the items before a game or practice. Many companies allow you to drive right up to the storage unit. This can really make it easy to load gear in your vehicle. It also expands the locations you have available to practice. You will not always have to go to the main field area where the league's storage is located.

Drying Out Items

When playing baseball outside, there are many elements that you may find yourself dealing with. This includes mud, rain, and dirty conditions. Bringing all of that gear to your home can create a huge mess.

This is where the help of a self-storage unit comes in. A unit gives you the space and ability to hang items on storage racks, clotheslines, or to simply lay them out and let them dry. This can help protect baseballs, mitts, and other equipment that you need on the field. A typical unit starts at sizes of five feet by five feet. This is plenty of space to spread everything out to dry on its own.

Extra Equipment

There are some cases where you may have purchased extra equipment outside of league funds. If you want to keep and protect this equipment for yourself, then it's a good idea to keep it stored in a storage unit. The unit can keep it protected and safe for future use. This includes pitching nets, pitching machines, extra bats, baseballs, and protective gear. Once the season is over, you do not have to crowd your home or shed with the equipment. It can stay in the storage unit until the next season begins.

Custom Designs

One of the fun parts of coaching a Little League team is the ability to create custom designs for their gear. You may chose to create custom hats, uniforms, or special t-shirts to honor a great season. Large crafts like this can also be set up at a storage unit. By using multiple tables, you can set up different stations and easily decorate items for the whole team.

Along with designing the gear, the unit is a great space to let it dry out and stay clean until they are distributed for the kids. A larger storage unit will also have enough space for multiple people to work on the different projects all at once.

Browse around different storage companies in your area to find the best option for your Little League coaching. It can go a long way in enjoying a smooth season.